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IBB Summary of items






1.    Health Insurance

      There was no change to the premium cost of health insurance.  When reporting this defined benefit to IBB, certified or classified staff, the amount/percentage will be listed separate but included in totality of raises when reporting to KASB or to other surveys.


2.  Salary

     Add $1,000 to base and allow steps and movement.


3.  Supplementals

     A.  CTC

           Change supplemental to 1% of base.

     B.  Minimum Number of Participants Required for Program

           Numbers will be left alone but will be enforced each year.

     C.  Number of Class Sponsors for High School Classes

           No change

     D.  NCA Terminology

           Change name to District Improvement Team (DIT)

           Three members from each building at 1% of the base

     E.  Weightlifting Terminology

           Change names to Boys Weightlifting and Girls Weightlifting

     F.  ITV Room Facilitator

           Remove the supplemental from the Negotiated Agreement

     G.  Continuing Education for Sponsors

           Not a negotiation issue

     H.  Annual Evaluation of Sponsors/Coaches

           Nothing decided.  This will be revisited next year.

     I.  Automatic Increases for Longevity

          No changes will be made

     J.  Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

          Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)

          New supplementals added to be paid at a rate of 3% of base


The following supplementals need to be removed from the Negotiated Agreement:

  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Drama Club sponsor
  • Wrestling/Cheerleading sponsor


4.  Differential Contracts (Negotiated Agreement pg 5)

     No changes will be made but more information will be gathered for vocal during the 2014-15 school year.  This issue will be revisited next year during IBB. 


 5.   Extended contracts for Counselors (Negotiated Agreement pg 4)

       K-6 Counselor           Eighteen (18) days @ per diem rate

       7-12 Counselor          Eighteen (18) days @ per diem rate


 6.   Faculty Meetings

       No change.


 7.   Shared Leave Language

       No change.


 8.   Administrative Evaluations

       Not a negotiation issue but members would like to continue with discussion during the year.


 9.  Planning Time

      More research is needed due to common core.  This issue could be revisited next year.


10.  Compensation When No Sub is Available

       Sub pay will be given to elementary teachers either all day or half day to the teacher who teaches both classes.


11.  Teacher Evaluations

       No language will be added to the Negotiated Agreement but the following options will be utilized:

  • Continue with education of training of administration and teachers to use McRel
  • Make sure process if followed
  • Educate the teachers on the instrument that each piece may not apply
  • Two different evaluators
  • Open communication between evaluator and teacher
  • Every evaluation leads to clear individual positive growth


12.  Heat

       Measure were already taken to address this issue


13.  Substitute Pay

        This issue will be considered and measure will be taken to hopefully rectify this before next year.


14.  Parent Contact Time (parent involvement)

       Mr. Thissen will contact other districts to discuss methods they might be using.      





15.  Early Payment for New Hires

       A welcome packet will be given to new hires from the Chamber office when sending out contracts.  Included with the packet would be information from HEA.  Contact will be made on an individual basis to see if partial payment of the first month’s salary is necessary to help with moving expenses.  Recruiting individuals to help them move into the community can be developed.   


16.  Due Process   

      A paragraph will be inserted in the Negotiated Agreement after the decision by the Superintendent to read: Within ten (10) days after receiving the decision of the Superintendent, parties may request the Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service to schedule a date for mediation.  The next paragraph will begin with the following:  Within ten (10) days after mediation is considered complete, if an agreement can’t be reached, the aggrieved may appeal the decision in writing to the Board of Education……….. Mr. Thissen believes adding the mediation clause to the Negotiated Agreement has merit but is very confident things will change at the State level in the next few months to where this issue will have to be reviewed again next year and modifications will be necessary.  Board members assured the group it is not the intent of USD 487 to release a teacher without just cause.      


17.  Activities Director Supplemental

  • Phil Berndt will take over the scheduling and organizational aspect of the job.  He will have two open periods during the contract day to fulfill the AD duties.  He will also maintain a plan period for classroom preparation.  Mr. Berndt will attend all league meetings.  This AD position will be evaluated at the end of the 2014-15 school year for efficiency.  Modifications can be made if necessary.         
  • Amanda Hawkins and Gregg Hackerott will pick up supervision during events when Mr. Berndt cannot be there.  Supervision and duties outside the contract day will be paid at the administrative assignment pay of $13.50/hr.  The supervision positions can change each year based on interest.  A supplemental may be created in the future based on findings. 


Mr. Thissen will begin each day at the middle school from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. to perform assistant principal duties as well as take care of any issues that may arise from an activity the night before. 


18.  Parent/Teacher Conferences for MS/HS

       All teachers will participate in Pathways 101 training during an in service or collaboration so teachers have a better understanding of pathways.  Common core and pathways need to “mesh” together as well.  Middle and high school teachers will help students identify interests during homeroom and answer questions.  Discussion with parents during elementary conferences could play an important role in helping with direction for the students. 





19.  FFA

       FFA will be added to the Negotiated agreement at 3% of base.  A 10-day extended contract will be added at the base rate of $168.03 per day.  The sponsor will document student participation and time spent over the course of the summer to be reviewed and evaluated by this group upon completion of the first year of the program.      


20.  Reduction in Force (RIF)

       Because of the change in due process, the sentence after Item 3 on page 14 (The reduction in force provision does not apply to the district’s non-tenured professional employees) needs to be removed as well as the word non-probationary throughout pages 14-15.  The third sentence in Item 4 needs to read: certifications, qualification, training, skills, personal teacher evaluation and years of service.  Mr. Thissen and Deb Geissert will go through the entire section and make additional changes if necessary.