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IBB Minutes March 12, 2014






March 12, 2014


Ben Meyer called to order the special meeting of the Board of Education of U.S.D. 487 at 5:00 p.m., March 12, 2014.  Present: Stacey Berndt, David Powell, Anna Gustafson, Amy Thibodeau Deb Geissert, Megan Mein, Patty Kahle, John Doern, Superintendent John Thissen and Clerk of the Board Robyn Heitfield.  Bret Beye joined the meeting at 5:15 p.m.  Absent:  Barb Kurtenbach, Jeanne’ Schantz and James Carnes. 


1.         ADOPT AGENDA          Stacey Berndt moved (Powell) to adopt the agenda.  Motion carried 5-0.                               

2.         IBB MEETING                Ground rules were reviewed and changes were made.  Currently, there are 13 members; 7 board members, 5 HEA members and Mr. Thissen.  There was discussion as to whether teachers were required to approve the 2014-15 calendar.  According to Mr. Doern, because there were no changes made to the number of contracted days, approval is not required by the teachers.


The following issues were listed:

  1. Health Insurance
  1. Should cost of insurance provided by the district be included in totality of raises
  1. Salary
  1. Increase base
  1. Supplementals (numbers of participants, pay schedule and longevity)
  1. CTC
  • Current changes have been made within the committee creating less time spent outside of contract day vs. same amount of supplemental
  1. Minimum number of participants required for program
  • Raise required numbers of participants before a sport/club/organization is funded for the year (food for thought:  we add sponsors when numbers increase for activities but don’t consider it when classroom size increases)
  1. Number of class sponsors for high school classes
  • One less sponsor needed for Freshmen and Sophomore classes. 
  • This is a board decision and does not require voting by the teachers.
  1. NCA terminology
  • Rename:  District Improvement Team
  • % of base pay - hourly pay higher than other supplementals
  • This is a board decision and does not require voting by the teachers.
  1. Weightlifting terminology – currently Middle and High school weightlifting
  • Rename:  Boys Weightlifting and Girls Weightlifting
  • This is a board decision and does not require voting by the teachers.
  1.  ITV room facilitator
  • The board will remove the supplemental from the Negotiated Agreement
  1. Continuing education for sponsors
  • Administration will arrange for continuing education.  This issue is not part of the negotiating process.
  1. Annual evaluation of sponsors/coaches
  • Evaluate each coach/sponsor’s individual performance, identify issues if any and support enhancement and further education and growth
  1. Automatic increases for longevity
  • Should longevity pay be automatic?
  • Longevity pay based on performance and evaluation of coach/sponsor
  1. Differential Contracts (Negotiated Agreement pg 5)
  1. Band and vocal differentials were created when there was a separate band and vocal teacher for grades 6-12. 
  • Since this has become one position, should the differential be combined into one amount?
  1. Extended contracts for Counselors (Negotiated Agreement pg 4)
  1. Revise to two positions instead of three and uniform the days for each
  1. Faculty Meetings
  1. What is considered reasonable for teachers to attend meetings outside the contract day without allowing for extra duty pay?
  • Consistency in all three buildings.
  1. Shared Leave Language
  1.  Clarify language to make exception without board action
  1. Administrative Evaluations
  1.  Evaluations are completed by teachers on the Superintendent but not on principals.
  • Teachers want to evaluate building principals
  • Opportunity for input
  1. Planning Time
  1. Common core may see a necessity for teachers to be allowed two plan periods
  1. Compensation when no sub is available
  1. With the unavailability of substitutes becoming more common, elementary classes are being combined into one class for the day.
  • Should compensation be given when a teacher is required to teach both classes?
  1. Teacher evaluations
  1. New evaluation system in which not all teachers are confident will help them become better teachers based on the evaluations completed this year
  • Training is inadequate to make the tool work the way it was originally intended
  • Need more/better communication, resources etc.
  1. Heat
  1. Mr. Thissen will look into the heating issue at the buildings.
  1. Substitute pay
  1. Substitute teachers that do not come in until 11:00 still get paid a full day of sub pay. 
  • Specials teachers cover until the sub shows up
  1. Parent contact time
  1. Need to build more teacher/family relationships
  1. Early payment for new hires
  1.  New teachers do not receive their first check until September.
  • Allow a partial check in August to help them out.


3.         ADJOURNMENT        At 7:43 p.m., Ben Meyer declared the meeting adjourned.    






Robyn Heitfield, Clerk of Board of Education


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            Ben Meyer, Vice-President


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