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IBB minutes April 3, 2012






Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Bret Beye called to order the special meeting of the Board of Education of U.S.D. 487 at 5:00 p.m., April 3, 2012.  Board members and other staff present were: Stacey Berndt, Ben Meyer, Rod Erickson, Deb Geissert, Barb Kurtenbach, Patty Kahle, James Carnes, Superintendent John Thissen, Clerk of the Board Robyn Heitfield and John Doern.  Board members and other staff absent were:  David Powell, Alan Stuart, Anna Gustafson, Megan Mein, and Lyneva Bryan.


1.         ADOPT AGENDA                                                                                                                Ben Meyer moved (Berndt) to adopt the agenda.  Motion carried 4-0.                               

2.         IBB MEETING

            The group discussed several issues brought up at the last meeting that required research.

            9.  Teacher Contract/Hrs per Day

                 The calendar committee chose not to extend minutes to each day therefore no change will be made to contract/hrs per day for certified staff.

            11.  Number of Hours for Parent/Teacher Conferences

                 Consensus is to keep the fall conferences the same as previous years by giving parents the option of two evenings.  Spring conferences however will be held one evening at the school.  The elementary will hold their spring conference in February and MS/HS will hold theirs in March.  The second evening will be used by all teachers to personally contact those parents whose children are having difficulty in the classroom in some way by scheduled meeting at the school, phone or a scheduled home visit.  This personal contact should happen in February prior to state assessments.  Teachers will still be given a full day off in February.

The next issue was still open from the previous year’s negotiations

            21.  Excessive student tardies (elementary policy)

                  Mr. Thissen spoke with Mr. DeMont regarding this issue that is still an ongoing struggle.  He received confirmation from KSDE that we can identify tardies and equate them to absences.  However there are too many complications in doing this.  The elementary has utilized many forms of communication to parents regarding excessive tardies;   letters, calling parents at home or contacting SRS.  This is very frustrating as so many times there is no response or improvement being made.  The military liaison has been contacted in the case of student tardies of military personnel in which the soldier’s superior is notified.  This has worked very well.


            Mr. Thissen notified the group it will be late May or early June before legislation comes to any form of agreement on funding the 2012-13 budget.  The position currently taken is that a $74 increase per pupil to the base state aid will happen.

New issues open for discussion:

            15.  Early Retirement Health Benefits

                 The amount of years given in the case of early retirement still saves the district in the long run.  If the committee chose to change this benefit now, it would not affect current staff and would apply only to newly hired staff.  Several certified staff is looking to retire in the next couple years.  No changes will be made to the years given for early retirement.  However, an addition/deletion was made on page 12 of the Negotiated Agreement under Application

            g)  whether the employee desires……………….insurance program by deduction of annual premiums from the early retirement benefit

            h)  the understanding that payment of the early retirement notification bonus will be made after ………….

Another deletion was made on page 13 under Terms and Conditions                     

            b)  A professional employee taking early retirement shall have the option to maintain health insurance coverage through the district’s health insurance program by agreeing to a deduction of health insurance premiums from the early retirement benefits.

            13.  Sick Leave Buyback upon Retirement

                 As it stands now, if an employee has a balance remaining of sick leave when they retire, they lose all of the days.  A sick day is equal to the teacher’s daily rate of pay (yearly salary/183 contract days = daily rate of pay).  This could have the same rules as are applied to early retirement requirements.  The group agreed to send this to a committee to study all options, get information from other school districts and come back to this group with a recommendation.

            14.  Liquidated Damages for Resignations and Early Retirement (pg 2)

                 Employee resignations and early retirement notification dates correspond with the state’s mandate for employer notification date on non renewal of teacher contracts.  Since the date changes from year to year (third Friday in May), the wording as it is now in the Negotiated Agreement will also change year to year. 


New wording on page 2 under Resignations/Liquidated Damages is as follows:

            The liquidated damages will be based on the following schedule:

            Release request anytime from the state’s current mandate to June 16 = $1,000

            Release request anytime from June 17 to July 18                                    $1,500

            Release request anytime from July 19 to July 31                                    $2,000

            Release request anytime after July 31                                                     $5,000

For the 2012-13 school year the date set by the state will be May 17, 2013.

            1.  Supplementals (MS/HS track combination)

                 Mr. Thissen is meeting with the coaches the following week to discuss this issue.  He will bring back their thoughts at the next meeting.

            2.  PDC Supplemental (add MS supplemental)

                 MyLearningPlan has caused many changes to this supplemental.  A representative is needed in each building now.  Currently supplementals are being paid to and elementary and high school teacher.  Consensus is to add a middle school PDC supplemental at the current 2% rate.



            3.  Cheerleading Supplemental (amount of work vs. amount of pay)

                 Cheerleading season requires additional hours due to the fact it’s a three season sport.  The group agreed to add 1% to the cheer basketball supplemental.

            4.  Musical/play supplemental (define differently)

                 A request was made to add Variety Show to this supplemental.  Concerns that the majority of the work is done during the contracted school day was voiced.


            1.  Status Quo

            2.  Add supplemental for variety show at 2%

            3.  Add Variety show to Musical/play supplemental

By consensus, the group agreed to Option 2.

            5.  Supplemental Freeze (remove freeze imposed for 2011-12 year)

                 The group agreed this issue would depend on the state’s decision with the budget and therefore will wait to discuss this issue.

            7.  Salary Schedule

                 The group will wait for the state’s decision as well.

            6.  Differentials (add experience factor)

                 This issue will go to committee.  Discussion can begin but a recommendation will not be made until a decision is made at the state level. 

            12.  Supplemental differentials (analyze for accuracy)

                 A suggestion was made to change Newspaper to Media since this supplemental covers a variety of things.  This issue will also go to committee.


            The next scheduled meeting will be Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 5:00 p.m., at the District Office.


3.         ADJOURNMENT                                                                                                                 At 7:40 p.m., Bret Beye declared the meeting adjourned. 




Robyn Heitfield, Clerk of Board of Education


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            Bret Beye, President


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